CRM/Software Development

At THINK, we create intuitive, bespoke and customised CRM and Software systems using the latest technology such as React.js, React Native, NodeJS, Mongo, Typescript that implement a client’s ideas into intelligent, user friendly and reliable platforms.

Web Development

Our clients digital footprint is their shop window to the world, so with a creative approach, we design and develop Wordpress, bespoke CMS’s and social media platforms with impact, to allow their brands to resonate with their customers.

Hybrid Apps - IOS/Android

Using React Native, allows us to code our client’s apps for both Android and IOS saving them time and money in development costs.


We have a gained a lot of experience in designing and building ecommerce websites of all sizes, and understand what works and what doesn’t in any competitive sector. So we’re always happy to take on the next challenge and guide our clients ecommerce dreams to success using Shopify, Woo-Commerce and Stripe Connect.

Web Apps

A web application (web app) is an application program that is stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet through a browser interface.

Key to a web app's function, is enabling a users interaction in a secure online space, just like our clients web app with Learn Play do.

UI/UX Design

Always following the latest developments and design trends, the team at THINK just love being at the forefront of new user interface practices, so we can guide our clients to the most suitable design for their business.

Digital Marketing

Generate revenue with THINK’s SEO and digital marketing services. With data analytics statistics, social media and conversion optimization, generate the leads you need to drive sales.

Human Intelligence - HI

At THINK, we believe in humans and that digital technology, to be be creative, purposeful and user friendly should be designed with the human component from the very start .
We call this HI and use it for all our clients projects.